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          A New Pop Musical 

Book, Music & Lyrics by  VANCE HOLMES

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Somewhere between a pop concert and a physics lecture - this unique musical recounts the extraordinary events of the last day on earth for a 22 year old genius named Norman Copernicus Cooper.

Despite his dreams of becoming a world famous astro-physicist, Norman finds himself suffocating in a dead end job filling eyeglass prescriptions for a company called "SuperVision" - where he is covertly doing his own optical research.

Throughout the day he is hounded by his bosses, tormented by co-workers, haunted by the past and consumed with an obsession for the receptionist: Destiny.

Tripped off by a confrontation with a supervisor, Norman loses it and holds everyone hostage at gun-point.  The crowds, the news media and the trigger-happy state troopers arrive.  At the final moment, Destiny has a burst of inspiration about Norman's experimental eyeglasses,  and the two of them are propelled out of the office into a groovy new dimension of love!

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