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Lyrical indictments, legal prose and literary reports from the court of public opinion - by judgmental poet, Vance Holmes.

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My collection of crime rhymes,
murder ballads and killer poems.


Musings on miscellaneous misdeeds, madness and mayhem:
Trial and Error

Who Murdered Tommy Holmes?

Having become an avid true-crime buff at an early age, I had spent nearly two decades chasing cases and tracking trials through newspapers and nonfiction novels. Then crime truly hit home. In January of 2003, my own brother, Thomas Holmes, was shot and killed in a bizarre, back alley assassination. [Blog Updates]

Drowning in Coincidence - Midwest Missing College Students Mystery

Stranger Than Fiction - The Michael Peterson Stair Case 

Recent Outcry - Duke University Gang Rape Scandal  

Secret Life, Secret Evil: Dr. Dirk Greineder on Trial

Defenseless: The Trial of Andrea Yates

America On Trial - Abuse at Abu Ghraib and other US-run prisons

Old Enough to Know Better:
Facts and Figures on Juvenile Justice

Scott Peterson: Presumed Guilty

Lonely Heart - Robert Blake's plot to kill Bonny Lee Bakley

Kill, Keys, Money, Jewelry
The homicides of Holly Harvey and Sandy Ketchum

Patricide in Pensacola - The shocking death of Terry King

Where is Danielle van Dam?  The David Westerfield Trial

Robert Durst  - The One That Got Away

Alien Love Queen - The Hossencofft Murder Mystery

A Tumultuous Fall: Rabbi Fred Neulander on Trial

Mistake or Manslaughter?  The Sandra Odom Case

Hockey Dad from Hell - The Thomas Junta Trial

Peterson-Staircase.com - Exposing Jean-Xavier de Lestrade's Film

The Forensic Poet - Quick Legal Dictionary and other tools

Vance's Electronic PaperBoy -- Newspaper Links

George Bush: Barely Legal

World-Wide-Widow: Margaret Rudin
   ||    Have You seen This Congressman?

Ultimate Lie.com - Dr. Greineder Online!   ||   Andrea Yates - Before and After

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"Poetic justice" is a term invented by the critic Thomas Rymer in the late 17th century to describe the proper moral resolution that he believed drama or narrative should have. That is, unlike the often random justice in real life, literary plots should end with the reward of the good and the punishment of the evil.