Poetic Justice

From the CONTROL FREAKS at CTV.com,
under the caption:

"To PJ's friends and followers"

10-05-2003 11:11 AM

"We have always agreed to having links to websites on our boards unless they contained material that would not be acceptable to CTV standards.

A certain past poster's website is being continually referred to and commented on in this forum. After reviewing the site we find several subjects that do not meet copyright, which becomes our responsibility once noted on CTV boards. In the future all references and comments on the site will be deleted.

I submit, any legit legal news website that would turn two women's brutal murders into a game of trivial pursuit, HAS no standards.


"Copyright Infringement"

10/8/03 9:31:51 AM
From: jham@heraldsun.com (Jon Ham)

Mr. Holmes,

It has come to our attention that you are using on your Web site, www.vanceholmes.com, photographs and graphics taken from heraldsun.com. I am herewith demanding that you discontinue this practice and that you take down all Herald-Sun photographs, stories and graphics that are currently on your site.

Thank you,
Jon Ham

Before reporting his purple lies and his black fabrications, Michael Peterson was hired by the Herald-Sun as a featured columnist. Several of Peterson's paranoid paragraphs and delusional diatribes about incompetent, ham-handed and lazy law enforcement officials were entered into evidence during his murder trial.

Dark clouds appeared over the Herald-Sun when the convicted killer's columns of lies about Durham authorities were introduced -- not by State prosecutors -- but by Peterson's defense attorney. Apparently, Hizzoner still stands behind Hizz articles in the Herald-Sun.

Paging Dr. Shaibani ...
Dr. Shaibani, please pick up the nearest courtesy phone ...

Considering the constant barrage of blows and persistent pokes at police, a reasonable juror may have concluded that Peterson's partisan potshots were indeed enough to put a chip on the Durham Police Department's powerful shoulder and rush them to judgment.

All these regrettable threats and reckless lies could have been avoided by adhering to that age old maxim: Don't feed the mouth that bites you.

All Herald-Sun photos and article links have been removed from this site. Too bad Michael Peterson's featured fictions cannot be so easily erased.