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"They don't know what my timeline is."
-- Mike Nifong, May 3

A 27-year-old Durham woman told DA Nifong she was hit, kicked and strangled during an assault at a Duke Lacrosse party. She reported that she was sexually assaulted for an approximate 30 minute time period by the three males. That was before a mountain of digital photos, receipts, and eyewitness accounts appeared in the press which seemed to contradict the time line.

Durham, NC    Monday -- March 13, 2006
afternoon Dan Flannery, using the name
"Adam," phones 2 escort
services (Bunny Hole Enter-
tainment, Allure Escorts)
hiring 2 dancers at $400 each.
Party was set for 11:00 PM at
610 North Buchanan Boulevard.
Dan Flannery
Dan Flannery
8:30 PM Agency phones accuser about
lacrosse party
9:00 PM Accuser arrives at home of
Brian Taylor -- spends the
next hour and 45 minutes
showering and getting ready.
Brian Taylor
9:30 PM Accuser takes her 2 children to
her father's house for the night.
Father said, "She was fine."
Accuser's Father
10:00 PM Accuser and father briefly
go to a convenience store,
then accuser leaves her
father's house.
10:45 PM Taylor drives accuser to party.
Has trouble finding address.
Brian Taylor
11:00 PM 41 players gathered at 610
loudly partying
Team Captains
610 Buchanan
11:?? PM Neighbor, Jennie Fant, calls
9-1-1 with a noise complaint
about the party, "probably at
about 11 p.m. or 12 a.m."

Jennie Fant
11:15? PM Kim Roberts arrives in her
car -- a very dark Honda
Kim Roberts
Kim Roberts
11:25 PM Accuser phones father
phone records
11:33 PM
11:36 PM
players phone accuser twice
Brian Taylor:
"On our way there, she got two
calls on her cell phone saying
if you don't come soon, it's
going to get canceled"
phone records
11:40? PM Accuser dropped off at 610

11:40? PM
12:50? AM


Accuser is attacked,
assaulted and gang raped


11:50? PM Neighbor, Jason Bissey, sees
two women walk to the back of
610, where a man greets them.
"They spoke amongst
themselves for about five
minutes or so and then
entered the house."
Jason Bissey
Jason Bissey
11:55? PM Dancers paid, and each given
mixed drinks. Roberts doesn't
drink hers, but accuser does.
Finnerty   Tuesday -- March 14, 2006

Midnight ?

Collin Finnerty leaves and
goes to the Cosmic Cantina

12:01? AM

Women talking and dancing
surrounded by players in the
living room drinking beer.
Defense Photo

12:03 AM

Players make racial slurs
and broomstick threats
"We started to cry.
We were so scared."


Seligmann makes first of
several cell phone calls
Defense Records

12:04 AM

Women near door leaving the
room. Accuser left behind her
right shoe on the floor. The
men in the room are sitting.
white shoe

12:05? AM

Women lock themselves in
the bathroom for 10 - 20
Defense Lawyers

12:14 AM

Reade Seligmann calls for a
cab from On-Time Taxi service
Ahmed Elmostafa
12:15? AM Bissey sees two women sitting
in a car. Alley is full of men
yelling about money. After a
few moments, everyone goes
back into the house.
12:18? AM Dancers re-enter 610 after
a player has apologized.
The women become separated.
Two men pull the accuser
into a bathroom, lock the
door. A third man says,
"Sweetheart, you can't leave."
12:19 AM Cabbie picks up Seligmann and
Robert Wellington at corner of
Watts St and Urban Ave.
12:24 AM Seligmann uses Wachovia
Bank ATM for 2 minutes.
Cabbie takes Seligmann
to "Cook Out" fast food
Defense Records
12:26 AM one-minute call from the
accuser's phone to the
Centerfold Escort Agency
phone records
12:29 AM lax player Tony McDevitt
calls for a taxi
On-Time Taxi
12:30:12 Accuser on the back porch,
carrying what appears to be
a purse and makeup bag.
Defense Photo
12:37 AM Accuser stumbles about
falling near the porch,
seemingly intoxicated.
Defense Photo
12:41 AM Accuser is apparently
helped into Kim Roberts'
dark Honda by a player,
just before the women leave.
Honda Accord
12:46 AM Seligmann's student ID card
is used to enter his dorm
Defense Records
12:50 and
1:07? AM
Cabbie has returned for more
players. Hears a woman and
several men loudly arguing. He
sees the woman get into an old
white car. (?)
On-Time Taxi
12:52? AM "About 3 minutes after they
[the women] drove off, the
party totally dispersed and
the first unit from Durham
police responded."
12:53 AM Roberts calls 9-1-1 and reports
being called racial slurs
Durham Police
12:55 AM Police arrive and see evidence
of a party, but no players
1:06 AM Police leave 610 Police
Kroger Market
1:20 AM Roberts drives to Kroger store,
tells a security guard about a
woman in her car.
Kroger Security
1:22 AM Kroger Security phones 9-1-1.
"The problem is there's a lady in
someone else's car and she will
not get out of their car, period"
Kroger Security
1:25 AM First officer arrives at Kroger
and reports: "She's 10-56 and
unconscious. . .She's breathing,
appears to be fine, she's not in
distress. She's just passed out
1:50? AM Second officer, Sgt. J.C.
Shelton arrives. Sends
accuser to substance-abuse
center, then to Duke Medical
Sgt. Shelton
1:58 AM e-mail sent about killing
strippers, signed "41"
2:31 AM Accuser arrives at DUMC
emergency room
2:45 AM Accuser checks into hospital Police
2:50 AM Police change report from
intoxicated person to rape
11:00? AM Accuser leaves hospital

"By next week, we'll know precisely who was involved."
-- DA Nifong, March 28

Case Chronology

1996 -- In August of 1996, the complainant tells Creedmoor police she was raped and beaten by three men "for a continual time" in 1993. The matter is dismissed when she fails to follow up.

1998 -- On June 16, 1998, the complainant reports to police that her husband, Kenneth Nathanial McNeill, took her into the woods and threatened to kill her. On June 23, she fails to appear at a hearing and the matter is dismissed.

2002 -- Complainant charged with felonious assault with a deadly weapon [a stolen taxi] on a government officer, felonious larceny and felonious possession of a stolen vehicle, felonious speeding to elude arrest, driving while impaired, driving with a revoked license, and two counts of damaging personal property and resisting a public officer.

2001 -- Kim Roberts arrested for embezzling $25,000 from Qualex, a photo-processing company.

2005 -- November 5, 2005, Collin Finnerty and two friends arrested in Washington DC for calling a man "gay" and attacking him.

March 13, 2006 -- Spring Break Lacrosse party

March 14 -- Listed on the indictments of Evans, Finnerty and Seligmann as the "Date of Offense"

March 16 -- First substantial police interview with accuser (photo line-up)

Police search of 610 Buchanan house

March 17 -- Durham police issue a "non-testimonial" order, giving them the right to threaten legal action if an individual won't cooperate in the process of gathering evidence.

March 21 -- Police I.D. session (photo line-up) with accuser. Evans apparently is not identified. Accuser and her "driver," Jarriel Johnson, ask police about return of property.

March 22 -- Lacrosse team players cancel meeting with DA

Kim Roberts arrested on a probation violation from the 2001 conviction

March 23 -- Court ordered DNA testing of lacrosse team

March 24 -- Accuser's interview with News-Observer

March 26 -- 150 gather for "pots and pans" protest

March 27 -- SBI receives samples from 46 team members

Search warrant issued for the dorm room of lax player Ryan McFadyen

March 28 -- Duke president suspends season

March 29 -- Lacrosse team "wanted posters" appear at a Take Back the Night rally

scathing letter from Duke's Houston A. Baker calling for dismissals

April 4 -- Police I.D. session (PowerPoint photo line-up) with accuser. Seligmann, Finnerty, and Evans identified.

April 5 -- Lacrosse season canceled

Coach Mike Pressler resigns.

E-mail signed "41" made public and Ryan McFadyen (jersey #41) suspended

April 10 -- Defense attorneys reveal no match found in results of the first DNA testing

April 11 -- NCU forum

Nifong meets with accuser

April 14 -- "Sting" email sent to lacrosse players, possibly by police

April 17 -- Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann indicted

April 18 -- Search warrants issued for dorm rooms of Seligmann and Finnerty

April 19 -- Kim Roberts sends e-mail to PR firm

April 20 -- On-Time Taxi driver, Moezeldin Elmostafa, speaks to AP reporter

May 1 -- The New Black Panthers demonstrate in Durham

May 2 -- Nifong wins 45 percent of the vote in the Democratic primary

May 10 -- On-Time Taxi driver, Elmostafa, held in jail for five hours

May 12 -- Defense attorneys reveal no match found in results of second DNA testing

May 15 -- David Evans indicted

May 16 -- Nifong announces he "doesn't foresee any further indictments" in the Duke case

May 18 -- Seligmann's first court appearance

1,300 pages of "discovery" given to defense

May 24 -- Lax midfielder Matthew Wilson is charged with drug possession and driving while impaired after a traffic stop. He is suspended indefinitely from the team 10 days later.

June 5 -- Duke lacrosse team reinstated

former Duke lacrosse player Kevin Cassese, 25, appointed as interim coach

June 13 -- Graduated basketball star J.J. Redick is arrested on charges of drunken driving after making an illegal U-turn to avoid a police checkpoint.

June 23 -- Athletics Director Joe Alleva injured in a boating accident with his son -- a former Duke baseball player -- who is charged with operating a boat while impaired.

June 29 -- Ryan McFadyen reinstated and cleared to rejoin lacrosse team

Larry Moneta, vice president for student affairs says the e-mail was sent "in jest," using language from the novel turned movie: "American Psycho."

June 30 -- County Commissioner Lewis Cheek gathers enough signed petitions to put him on the November 2006 ballot against DA Nifong

Republican party chairman Steve Monks fails in his petition drive

July 11 -- Finnerty convicted In D.C. assault case

July 14 -- Durham Police Chief Steve Chalmers announces he will retire in December of 2007

July 17 -- Citing extensive local, state, national and international media coverage, Superior Court Judge Kenneth C. Titus issues publicity restraints. Short of an all out "gag order," the judge exempted media comments permitted by the N.C. State Bar's Revised Rules of Professional Conduct.

July 20 -- Several Durham police officers involved in an alleged verbal exchange of racial slurs and beating of Rene Dennis Thomas, a restaurant cook at Blinco's Sports Bar in Raleigh.

July 21 -- Duke rape case investigators, Sgt. Mark Gottlieb and officer Richard Clayton, are re-assigned to administrative duty.

All three defense lawyers formally request Judge Titus modify his quasi-gag order, arguing they were entitled to "pursue lawful strategies" to try to get the indictments dismissed or the charges reduced -- including using "the court of public opinion" to try to show their clients don't deserve to be tried.

Duke names John Danowski as new lacrosse coach

July 27 -- Officers Gary Lee and Scott Tanner charged with simple assault. Gottlieb, Clayton and other investigated officers are restored to full-duty status.

September 1 -- Superior Court Judge William Osmond Smith III assumes sole management of the case and schedule

December 7 -- Congressman Walter B. Jones asks the US Dept. of Justice to investigate DA Nifong

December 15 -- Private DNA laboratory head, Brian Meehan, testifies that he and Nifong agreed not to report all DNA results

December 22 -- State drops the rape charges against all three defendants

December 28 -- NC State Bar accuses Nifong of violating ethics rules

December 29 -- NC Conference of District Attorneys issues public rebuke and calls for Nifong to recuse himself

January 12, 2007 -- Nifong requests the State Attorney General's office handle the case

April 11, 2007 -- AG Roy Cooper dismisses all remaining charges citing a lack of evidence

June 15, 2007 -- Mike Nifong announces his resignation as Durham's District Attorney

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