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Casey at the Bat
                                        A Musical Celebration of Baseball

Book, Music & Lyrics by Vance Holmes

Based on Ernest Lawrence Thayer's famous poem

The day of the big baseball game finds Centerville playing Mudville for the State championship.

The great player Kelly Casey comes to bat for Mudville, which is behind in the bottom of the ninth. Casey swings mightily, but in the end, to his fans' dismay, he strikes out.

       Mighty Casey

Casey at the Bat is not a traditional book musical with a plot that moves the action forward. The material has been arranged to move chronologically through the history of baseball, and the saga of the Casey family, from 1888 to the present.

The overall structure of the show is dictated by the development of its main theme: the proud and courageous audacity that has been called "the American Spirit". This eternally optimistic, indomitable spirit is what drives the action, and is really the main character of the play. Casey at the Bat then, is a "revusical" - a musical celebration of baseball as seen through the eyes of one American family.

"There was ease in Casey's manner
as he stepped into his place,

There was pride in Casey's bearing
and a smile on Casey's face.

And when, responding to the cheers,
he lightly doffed his hat,

No stranger in the crowd could doubt
'twas Casey at the Bat."

        -- Ernest Lawrence Thayer