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        Jazz  Barber of 
Book, Music & Lyrics by Vance Holmes

This is a marvelously jazzy and funny re-telling of the story of the famous singing barber -- Figaro. Moved into the present, the action takes place entirely within Figaro's barber shop and the imaginary places within the new opera he's writing. It's a jazz opera, and he convinces his customers to take roles in his experiment, and guides them through the plot. That's easier said than done, since the actors have ideas of their own on how things should run.

One critic said:

"This particular Barber of Seville is certainly not opera, although it borrows from opera and pokes affectionate fun at it, and it's not strictly jazz or comedy although it swings and amuses. There's a broad hint in the finale, when the five-member company sings 'Let the Music Take You.' It does - from aria to scat and many interesting places in between."