Escape from Planet XTC

Notes on the Play

Norman Cooper
Big Sister
Mary Jane
Doctor Quasar

ClubKidz on XTC
Dead Scientists

(An Almost Perfect Day)
NORMAN and DESTINY arrive on XTC naked (Girl Boy Heaven)

A Huge rock falls and nearly kills them, but at the last minute a passerby pulls them out of the way. They thank the stranger who's name is TWITCH. It is discovered that the rock crushed NORMAN'S backpack which held the Magic Glasses. DESTINY introduces herself to TWITCH, and introduces NORMAN.

TWITCH is stunned, welcoming them and saying they have been expected. He insists that they follow him to his night club where they will be in no danger, and where they can speak freely.

As THEY exit, Big Sister comes on a big screen TV which is mounted outside.

(Big Sister)

Meanwhile, at the Club Paradox TWITCH explains the history of the planet.

Many years ago when the planet was still called Tiran and was ruled by a group of leaders called the Global Governing Group, a man named Harry came from outer space and was worshipped almost as a god, because he brought with him the formula for a synthetic chocolate which created the effect of total pleasure.

Chocolate XTC bars were mass produced and sold at cost, and though the exact ingredients remained a secret, this chocolate became so popular that eventually the planet's name was changed to XTC, and the alien space-god was crowned King of the World. The Global Governing Group was disbanded and King Harry ruled over a era of peace, love and free candy.

Several years later, BIG SISTER, a disgruntled member of the GGG staged a coup, stormed the palace and nearly killed the King who escaped dressed as a beggar. TWITCH rescued the ailing HARRY from a dumpster, and hid him from the insurgents in the basement of his night club.

BIG SISTER took over as Queen of the World, ending King Harry's free reign of pleasure. She took control of the chocolate factories, and began charging exhorbitant prices for the XTC chocolate bars. She also expanded the product line to include XTC baked goods, synthetic chocolate shakes, and a breakfast cearal.

Weak and near death, HARRY told TWITCH he forsaw disaster, and revealed part of the formula, but died before he could finish writing it. TWITCH reveals that the King's full name was Harrison Cooper.

NORMAN declares that Harrison Cooper was his father, and that he had died on Earth in a mysterious chocolate factory accident. NORMAN is convinced that he was sent through time to solve the problem, and vows to save the XTCitizens.

NORMAN and DESTINY are brought before BIG SISTER to be put to death. NORMAN reveals his real name to BIG SISTER who is stunned, and recounts the planet's history.